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Is my cancer different

Omnyx Clarient Alliance Press release

MultiOmyx, Advanced, Multi-Molecular, Multiplexing Methodology

We are pleased to introduce an aid to a pathologist’s diagnosis. The first Hodgkin Lymphoma Profile on a single slide…featuring the new proprietary platform, MultiOmyx, a multi-molecular, multiplexed, in-context tissue assessment platform to help dismantle secrets about cancer. Learn more

Clarient Insight™Dx Mammostrat™

Reduce your patient’s anxiety with test results available in days… not weeks. Clarient’s InsightDx Mammostrat provides important information independent of proliferation and grade to aid physicians in making appropriate and earlier treatment decisions in order to determine which patients are most likely to recur from breast cancer. Learn more


MultiOmyx - ASH

Lawrence M. Weiss — ASH - 2013 Video