National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

Lab Week
April 18 – 24, 2010
Each year, the lab industry celebrates the many and significant contributions of Medical Laboratory Professionals throughout the country.  The contributions made by this highly trained, professional group are many.  They work long hours at the service of healthcare professionals and patients, ensuring that important medical information is readily available to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.  Unfortunately, the efforts of many Medical Laboratory Professionals go unnoticed because they work behind the scenes from the general public.  But today, the public is demanding assurance of quality healthcare and accountability on all levels.  And, the Federal Government is hard at work trying to ensure all Americans have access to healthcare.  

We are proud to highlight this month the heroic efforts of all Medical Laboratory Professionals and their dedication and commitment to excellence.  We are grateful for this group and we are thankful for their tireless efforts.  This month, Clarient is celebrating our Medical Laboratory Professionals in a variety of ways, including breakfasts, lunches, raffles, and other fun social events.  It is a time to show off what great people we have who dedicate themselves the cause of personalized medicine. 

Please join all of us at Clarient in celebrating the achievements of our Medical Laboratory Professionals.